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Our History At A Glance

       In 1945 Joe Ludema just back from World War II started growing onions in the rich muck fields of Clarksville Michigan.  In 1966 the first acres of sod were planted, which brings us to our first harvesting year 1967.  The sod was cut using a Ryan Sod Cutter and lift truck.  Now in our 49th year, we are using a TREBRO Auto Stack Harvester, which not only cuts the sod but rolls and stacks it onto a pallet.  Ludema and Boyink Sod Farm is now run by Joe & Tisha Boyink, grandson of Joe Ludema.

Sod (sq ft)1971: $0.0472016: $0.30 & up630%
Land Taxes for 40 acres1972: $2042016: $2029995%
Fertilizer (lb)1975: $0.072016: $0.35500%
Seed (lb)1975: $1.702016: $3.70218%
Gas (per Gallon)1978:$0.592016: $2.10



  • Joe and Tisha Boyink

Sod Quality And On-Time Deliveries Are Our Top Priorities

Our sod is fertilized and sprayed for weeds as needed to make it thick, dark green and weed free. Regular mowing every 3-4 days is also very important; this is the most time consuming task of sod care.

Of our 250 acre farm about 1/2 of the sod is ready to cut each year. With the other 1/2 in its maturing stage or ready to be seeded. It takes about 9 months for the sod to be ready to be harvested.

We have three semi-tractors that can haul from 9,800 to 12,600 sq ft each, while at the same time carrying a hi-lo to unload the sod and spot it around the area to be sodded.

We are well known with landscape professionals through-out Southwestern Michigan for our flexible scheduling and on-time deliveries.

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Sod Quick Facts

  • Installing sod yourself is easy and affordable.
  • We do not offer installation services, but can recommend a reliable landscape professional in your area to do the installation.
  • Sod is perfect for fixing small areas -- why struggle to grow grass when a 10 ft x 10 ft area can be sodded for about $35!

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