100% Grade-A
Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

100% Grade-A Sod

The level of care in raising sod is crucial to supplying a quality sod that will more quickly become established as a healthy, mature lawn. Our sod is fertilized and sprayed for weeds as needed, to make it thick, dark green and weed free. Regular mowing every 3-4 days is also very important to encourage the grass to establish better roots.


Our sod is grown from 100% Kentucky Bluegrass seed in peat fields of West Michigan. The genetic diversity of our seed helps to make our sod resistant to disease and other nuisances. It is also able to perform well over a wide range of installation conditions.

Healthier Grass

We cut the sod fresh daily, and sell it in easy-to-carry 2 ft x 5 ft rolls. By cutting it daily, we ensure that you will have the maximum sod quality and vitality - so it will perform better in taking root and recovery once it is laid.

Delivery Available

Ludema & Boyink Sod Farm supplies quality sod to landscapers, lawn care services, and homeowners in West Michigan, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Holland, and surrounding areas. We have 3 delivery trucks each equipped with forklifts that are able to place pallets of sod around your jobsite.

Sod Specifications

  • Seed: Grown from Class "A" 100%
    Kentucky Bluegrass Blend Seed.
  • Roll Size: 5 feet long X 2 feet wide
    X 2 inches deep (10 sq. feet).
  • Roll Weight: 20 - 50 lbs, depending on
    moisture content.
  • Growing
    Grows best with at least
    2 - 3 hours of sun per day.


Sod orders of all sizes may be picked up at our farm between 9am and 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Please order 24 hours in advance.

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We have 3 flat bed trucks equipped with moffetts to deliver and place the sod around your jobsite. Our delivery radius is up to 150 miles from Clarksville, MI.

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Sod must be laid the same day as pickup or delivery!
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